Are ke ha and t pain dating s corp liquidating dividend

The Auckland based indie group released two EP albums in 2008 before hitting it big with their debut LP in 2010.Since then, they reached the top of the charts in New Zealand and are about to become international rock stars.“Last night I found out I’m in love wit @keshasuxx,” Pain tweeted on Sunday (May 15), before clarifying that he did not have sex with the ‘Tik Tok’ singer.“I’m not saying @keshasuxx and i had sex or anything I’m just sayin I love that ‘f— everybody else’ attitude.She dresses how she wants she performs the way she wants, she does HER and at the same time she throwing up a big a– middle finger to all those ppl that just dissed her when I said I love her.” Ke$ha reciprocated his attentions, writing, “Um. U get me.” T-Pain then followed his new paramour to Vegas, where he upgraded his status from “loyal stalker” to Twitpic lover.

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(Just two years after inception, Panda was one of Sound Cloud’s top five most-streamed artists.) Called “a veritable party-mashup machine” by Entertainment Weekly and also featured in Billboard, The White Panda is known for his signature, high-energy live show complete with C02 effects, projection design, and of course, digitally mastered panda masks. Capital Cities is an American pop duo from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2010 by Ryan Merchant (vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Sebu Simonian (vocals, keyboard).better known by his stage name T-Pain, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Tallahassee, Florida.His debut album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, was released in 2005.Since 2009, The White Panda boasts five full-length, critically acclaimed albums and 35 #1 singles (and counting) on the Hype Machine.Recently, The White Panda has begun to explore the world of original production and have released five originally produced remixes to date.

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    She and Reggie Busharrived together at the AXE Lounge in Southampton Saturday night and were caught canoodling all night long.