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These tractor were certainly the most successful tractor range ever built and revolutionised farming in the post war years.

In fact the TE20 was the first tractor to be used on many farms, which until that point had relied on heavy horses to do the work.

Production in England of the FE35 didn’t start until 1956.

Take a look at the serial numbers and year of production of the FE35.

We use hand and power tools to perform repairs and maintenance ranging from a complete overhaul to replacing defective valves, gaskets, or bearings.

We also record relevant events and facts concerning operation and maintenance in an equipment log.

would, in actual fact, only refer to the production of tractors from 1957 to 1964, but this range of tractors included the American built TO35 (Tractor Overseas), English built FE35 (Tractor England) and the French built MF835 and 35-8.

Here we will look at the English built tractors, but just to note that production first started in America of the TO35 in 1954.

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We ensure that equipment operates safely and economically and within established limits by monitoring attached meters, gauges, and computerized controls.

We manually control equipment and make the necessary adjustments.

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