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In a bid to curb the number of accidents the system will operate over a four km stretch of the A548, from the existing 40mph speed limit east of Manor Road to the county boundary with Cheshire.

The system will measure average speeds over the route and fixed penalty notices will be issued if vehicles are found to be exceeding the speed limit along the route.

Work is to begin on an average speed camera system next week following years of campaigning.

Flintshire Council has confirmed it is working in partnership with road safety charity Go Safe to install a £130,000 enforcement system on the A548 Sealand Road.

This paper reports on the first confrontation of our agent system with real users to check whether users recognize that our agents function in similar ways as humans do.

Through a structured questionnaire, users informed us whether our agents evaluated the user’s aesthetics and moral stance while building up a level of involvement with the user and a degree of willingness to interact with the user again.

“I just said to [Francis], we should do something and invite some friends.

Continuing the “party with a purpose” theme, a portion of the proceeds received will go to individuals and families affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

In: Allbeck J., Badler N., Bickmore T., Pelachaud C., Safonova A. Through simulations, we tested these models for internal consistency and were successful in establishing the relationships among the factors as suggested by the earlier user studies.

On a morning outing through a northern Italian town today, Pope Francis (inside the popemobile) drove right past a plaque commemorating the many victims of "papal tyranny." It was rather awkward.

As Reuters reports, the popemobile slowly carried the Pope within close proximity of the huge plaque in the town's center, though it is uncertain if the Pope actually read the words inscribed on it.

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