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You can update XBMC either through an updating program if using it on a computer or by installing an updated version of XBMC if it is on an Xbox.When you update XBMC, you will get important system fixes and other important tweaks to the program needed to run the program at optimal performance.

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DAz V6Cn This one is from a clean library where i only put 1 movie into a test folder and I scanned it, no problem here.

Hi all, I'm not able to update my library at all in xbmc, in fact it never worked over the past few days that i'm playing with it.

I always thought it was an issue with sickbeard as I have it installed as well but when looking at it today it seems that xbmc doesn't even update my library. Over the past few days I've reinstalled xbmc several times on a clean Windows installation.

Upgrade KODI 16 Jarvis to KODI 17 Krypton keeping your Confluence Skin, Addons, Settings, Favorites, Shortcuts and Library!

This is a very easy tutorial in order to not loose anything from your current KODI configuration when updating from KODI 16.1 Jarvis to KODI 17 Krypton.

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